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Hi, Here our general introduction of our company. You can find diferent types of our fabrics and workwears. Our Company is Ebruzen Textile. I want to give a brief. Ebruzen Textile is manufacturer of advanced textile solutions and protective clothing company which is established in 2003. Ebruzen Textile company is the leading provider of solutions designed to improve the quality of fabrics. The company continues to evolve and grow through research and development focused on high performance advanced technical textile solutions. Ebruzen Textile is manufacturer of high quality antistatic (ESD) fabrics , fire resistant fabrics, antibacterial medical fabrics and other technical fabrics. We provide solutions to the Defense, Electronics, Communications, Automotive, Energy, Health, Metal and Welding industries and also Militaries. You will find these subjects in this message: 1- TECHNICAL FABRIC PRODUCTION 2- WORKWEAR PRODUCTION 3- NYLON-POLYAMID6 YARN PRODUCTION 4- INDUSTRIAL FILTER PRODUCTION 1- TECHNICAL FABRIC PRODUCTION: These are our fabric products, these can be both woven or knitted fabric from 100 g/m2 to 500 g/m2: A. Antistatic Fabrics: Different ratios of polyester, cotton, nylon and antistatic yarn blended B. Cleanroom Fabrics: Different ratios of polyester and antistatic yarn blended C. Antimicrobial and Alez Fabrics: For all kind of medical and health sector applications and operations. Different ratios of polyester, cotton and silver yarn blended. Silver yarn add to fabric antimicrobial features. D. Fire Resistant Fabrics: Wearable for both woven or knitted, made from Different ratios of Meta Aramid – Para Aramid – Modacrylic – FR Viscose yarns. E. Camouflage: We can produce different types of ready camouflages or their raw fabrics which are ready to dying by depending on your special needs by using all types of our fabrics. F. Water – Blood – Acid and Chemical Resistant Fabrics: We can add all of our fabrics liquid proof and resistancy G. High Tenacity Fabrics (Silo Fabrics): This polyester fabric is only 300g/m2 but its tensile strength is more than tons (1000 kg). All factories use these fabric in their warehouse. H. Nonwoven and Microfiber Fabrics: Are usable especially high quality critical cleaning areas. They have high level Water and liquid absorption. İ. Aluminize coated Aramid Fabrics: Fabrics for welders and welding robots. It is resistant for molten metal splashes, contact fire and radial heat. These fabrics can be used for clothes and welding robots cover. 2- WORKWEAR & UNIFORM PRODUCTION: Our other products are workwears. We can produce all types of workwears by using all of these fabrics by using our 13 years of experience. T-shirts, trousers, jackets, coats, gowns, overalls, coveralls, surgical dress, medical uniform, etc. You can review our websites to control our protective workwear products. 3- NYLON-POLYAMID6 YARN PRODUCTION: Thanks to our strong manufacturer business partnership we can also supply all kinds of nylon (polyamid 6) yarn for all kind of fashionable textile subjects. 4- INDUSTRIAL FILTER PRODUCTION: Thanks to our strong manufacturer business partnership we can also supply all kinds of high tech filters which can be specialized all industries. We are in Bursa city in Turkey. Bursa city is the textile center of the Turkey. Therefore, we are very strong with our experienced engineers and our business partnerships. If you want to interested in our fabric products, I can send you technical information of fabrics and product catalogue of our products. If you want to talk about nylon-polyamid6 yarn and industrial filters, we will help you for all your requirements.

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